Yesterday I went clothes shopping. Wedding clothes shopping. For three hours. It was exhausting. I probably tried on 40 different white jackets over 6 different stores. 

The good news is that I found two contenders (within my price range!) that literally made me smile. Not like, oh well this could work. But like creeping smile inducing, yes, I'm pleasantly surprised. I could see myself getting married in this. 

I sent pics to my sister in NYC and the pics...well, they made me doubt. I don't love pics of myself (who does?!) but I'm usually at least able to be indifferent about them. Like, I don't cry myself to sleep at night if someone tags me in an unflattering picture, but also I don't go out of my way to be in group photos.

I avoid cameras and try to be a good sport when that's not an option. And one day where that is definitely not an option is one's wedding day. 

This whole process is so hard for me to wrap my head around. I just spend so little time in "real life" worrying about my clothes and hair and makeup that it's really tough for me to get into it for this one event. But I know that I'm supposed to look good, I'm just not sure how. I don't really have a style (aside from maybe lazy? Is that a style? LOL). 

So the pics I sent to my sister of the jackets...they reminded me why I'm on DietBet. I don't need to be half my size or anything drastic. I just need to lose a little off the midsection and remember to stand up straight. 

I think with 145 days, I can do at least that.