I need to eat and drink differently than my six-foot tall partner. I'm an athlete at heart but need to work on eating clean and reasonable amounts to get my body in shape to do the things I love!

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Favorite Sinful Food: Booze!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking, weight lifting, volleybal

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Paleo Diet

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T-54 :: Kickstarter
by - 07/25/2016 12:38PM

I'm back for a little Kickstarter. No grandiose goals or values statements. I'd just like to lose 4%... Read More ›

T-128 :: Me vs. Me
by - 05/12/2016 2:41PM

From timeanddate.com: From and including: Thursday, May 12, 2016 To, but not including Saturday, Sep... Read More ›

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{{hugs}} I feel empathy in so many ways. I had the huge wake-up call with thinking I was being "realistic", as well. For me (I have to repeat this) FOR ME, becoming obsessive is the only thing that works. I'm a little all or nothing, I guess. I'm all for being more realistic when I reach my goal weight, but while I'm actively achieving that goal, I have to be very narrow-minded about the calories I take in. I'm so sorry that you are feeling defeated. Beating yourself up definitely isn't the answer (but I somehow get the impression that you know that), but maybe you can use the feelings that you have as a wake-up to buckle down to get where you want to be?


That's a lot to be going through! I know that you've set a time deadline for yourself, but you need to remind yourself that this is real life. Yes, you could go crazy and dedicate all of your time/energy to diet/fitness, but is that going to be sustainable? If you're making progress, but it's slower than your wedding timeline, then it's still progress. You'll get there. And, where are you at now compared to when that picture was taken? Which, I have to say, is maybe a bad angle, but doesn't make you look obese. You still have a neck and a waist! Maybe you should try counting your calories and figuring out what your cheat days really look like numbers-wise? I've been shocked at some of mine (including a brownie binge yesterday). It happens, and yours seems to have been for a good reason, but you should be aware of what you're in for and it may help when you make decisions in the future.
T-145 :: The Good, The Bad and The ... In Progress.
by - 04/25/2016 1:40PM

Yesterday I went clothes shopping. Wedding clothes shopping. For three hours. It was exhausting. I p... Read More ›

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April T.

I totally hate to look at pictures of myself! And on June 13th my son graduates high school. So of course there will be plenty of picture-taking going on! So hoping we both "lose a little" from our midsection and smile pretty for our pictures! Let's do this!!
T-148 :: Kickstarter, Donuts and Coworkers, Oh My!
by - 04/22/2016 1:25PM

So today I (finally) told my coworkers I'm getting married. Or, I should say, I told my fellow manag... Read More ›

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April isn't over yet! You can do this, lay off those donuts, and congrats!
T-158 :: The Hardest Post
by - 04/13/2016 10:16AM

I've been avoiding DietBet for almost two weeks. Describing my self-defeating behavior around the la... Read More ›

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I feel like I could've written this. I struggled to win my kickstarter at the end of March, but managed to get to my lowest weight ever. Pretty much ever since then I dropped everything and went right back to my old habits. Not tracking, not working out. I gained so much weight in one week that I joined another kickstarter even though I had wanted to take a longer break. I thought it'd help me to get back on track. It's been over a week since then and I'm only now starting to get back to some of my healthier habits, though my eating is still over my calorie range. My good friend started working out and lost 10 pounds in a month, something that I've never done in that time frame! It sucks that it takes so long to lose weight and only a matter of days to put it back on. Thank you for your honesty as that's why I value DB so much. It helps to put things in perspective.
T-171 :: Negative Feedback
by - 03/30/2016 8:36AM

Yesterday after a killer Boot Camp style class at the gym, my fiancé and I went to a neighborhood ba... Read More ›

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I hear you on the tough subject to discuss with the other half. My husband has been going to the gym for the past year now and while I can definitely see good muscle development, he still has his beer belly and has only lost a couple pounds. He isn't interested in changing his eating/drinking habits even though he knows that's what it'd take to really lose weight. I'm glad you didn't let what he said discourage you from your journey. As you said, the wedding is a convenient timeline, but ultimately this is about you and your health. My husband takes my DB pics for the games, but otherwise, we don't talk about it too much either. I think that's why I value this community so much. It gives me the support and outlet to talk about weight loss that I lack in the real world.
T-173 :: Thoughts on 100 Days of Tracking
by - 03/28/2016 8:01AM

I passed my 100th day of tracking over the weekend and kept waiting to be inspired to write a post a... Read More ›

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Kayla W.

I'm so happy that you're not in a writing slump, I'm a fan of your posts!I've been feeling very "meh" over the last week and am looking to add some variety/ spice to my life. I feel like I've been eating the same food for years (it's only been a few weeks) and just need something to get me motivated. Maybe a trainer isn't a bad idea. But anyways- thanks for your posts!


I've been debating a bunch of different group fitness classes. I usually do DVDs by myself, but I've been slacking. For the past month, I've only done a hike about once a week, but not much during the week. Just thinking about putting in the DVD makes me feel exhausted. I think I need a change as well, but the $$$ holds me back and the time commitment. I'm not sure what to do yet.
T-178 :: It's Official, People are Noticing!
by - 03/24/2016 6:58PM

I've had two comments at work about how I look like I'm losing weight and a lady at my zumba class t... Read More ›

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Lisa R

Congrats, that it THE BEST feeling! :)

Terri S.

Always nice to get a comment about looking "skinny"! Great job!
T-180 :: Less Than Six Months To Go!
by - 03/21/2016 9:24AM

Saint Patrick's Day was the official six month mark to the wedding day(!), and it's time to buckle d... Read More ›

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Great job recognizing that you have made progress! I hear you about "new" progress, but any progress is good!


@TrixieCatLAX - I did it! And honestly, if I hadn't been thinking of your orders to report back I probably would have splurged last night. Stuck to my calorie goals all 5 weekdays and the scale rewarded me with a huge 1.5 lb drop this morning!
T-190 :: Body Changes
by - 03/11/2016 10:28AM

Here are the body changes I've noticed recently.  My wrists are thinner. I know that's a strange pla... Read More ›

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Lisa R

Congrats on your NSV and LOL I love the back fat comment because I can sooooo relate to that! I just told my sister that I lost a back roll! LOL Way to be strong on not having the mocha too! :)

Shannon K.

Awesome!!!! Love your post :)
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