As parents we are always busy taking care of evryone else.  I find this true especially for me, I am a bit of a nurturer (is that a word?)  This morning I am up at 5 to get my youngest ( a freshman is HS) up and driven to down so he can get on a bus and head 70 miles to a golf meet.   (varsity, freshamn year woot woot)!  

Anyway,  seems like we always put everyone else front and center making sure clothes are washed, dishes are done, dinner is planned, homeswork is done, bills are paid, and in my case horses and rabbit, and cats are all fed too.   It's daunting and I love it.   Just have to take every spare moment you can for you!   Though I am blessed to be a stay at home mom, grandmother, wife, housekeeper.    Years ago after my back issues became worse and I had my last wrist surgery my husband just suggested I stay home.   Well um yes please!!!   So the arrangment is he makes the outside money and I take care of the place.   You bet,  so I get time to do my meditation  (really that just a hour in my whirlpool tub).  I haven't been scheduling my excerise time because I have been concentrating on the "place".  That is changing, I have done some changing of time alotments for ME, yes ME!  Because the dishes sit a little longer the world did not stop rotating,  the kids and husband don't complain because if they did they will be directed to gowash the dishes.   So remember,  you can make time for yourself so you can be there longer in life with a healthy mind, body, and soul!!!   Go for your goals!!!!