I can't believe it's been forty weeks already!! This week was an AMAZING one!!! I was so on my game because of my gain last week, I increased my activity and water, meal prepped my lunches, ate good dinners, and still didn't limit myself because there were two trips for gelato and a tacos and beer night in the week as well! I lost 6.8lbs this week!!!!! I know most of this is just getting back on track from my 2.8lb gain last week, so it's really just a 4lb loss over the last two weeks, but I will take that!!

I did not achieve my goal of getting my ninth 10lb ribbon before the end of June, but I'm ok with that! I am only 1.6lbs away from that goal, which I probably could have gotten if I had weighed in later this week instead of on Monday, but I wanted to stick with my normal weigh in day. I know I will be able to crush that goal for my weigh in next week, so I am not worried!

Next week I will be weighing in on Wednesday because Monday is the 4th of July and my meeting location is closed. I'm excited for this because it gives me a few more days to make my losses even better! The following week will be when I leave for my vacation, so I will be weighing in as close as possible to my flight on Friday. I'm not sure if I will weigh in Friday morning yet, but I will be posting an update when I can!

I have already started to think about my plans for eating and exercise during my vacation, and I am hopeful that I will be able to stay on track pretty well. I would really like to go to a Weight Watchers meeting overseas, especially since I will be over there for two full weeks! (If anyone has any tips about international travel and visiting WW locations, please comment!!)

Here's to kicking butt for the next 17 days before I go on vacation!!! :)