I am a wife and mother of 3 high needs kids. I have twin boys who are almost 18 that are autistic and epileptic. I also have a daughter who is a type one diabetic. I dont take care of me and I need to. I stopped smoking earlier this year after being a smoker for 29 years. I also gained a good 30 lbs in the process on my already overwieght body! I have lost a serious amount of weight two different times in the past but gained it all back and then some. Bouts of depression and just running out of time and energy to take care of me were the causes. I know how to get the weight off and I do know what I need to do to keep it off. Of course making myself is the key. I struggle with making myself a priority and with no friends and very little family I am in this alone with my husband. He has made vast improvments in his own health and it is time I join him so we both can be better parents to our kids. They are going to needs us for a long time. I am not proud of the way I look but am adding this picture so in a few months I can look back and see where I started! I will use it as motivation to never get to this weight again! So I am taking the time for me and getting myself back into a healthy weight!