Yes I am a woman and I know my body. Its that time of month where I can easily gain five pounds just from being a woman. I should not see it as bad on the scale this month but I most likely wont see the numbers go down much eaither. That is OK! I know the weight is temporary and I know once everything is all said and done with I will see a bigger change on the scale that really was always there it was just hidden under water retention and blaoting. I am not to the bloat stage yet so I took my two week in pics. I started on July 19th and needed the before pics to see the change! I am really glad I did too! The changes might be small but I can see them. The fat above my knees is reducing, my upper belly is smaller, and getting thinner as well. So while the scale actually shows me a few ounces heaver today than I was two days ago I know I have not gained weight. I know its still coming off because I am working out and sticking to my correct calorie intake! So here is this weeks pics! I am going to keep on doing this so I can see the changes and I am leaving it public so maybe just maybe I might inspire others! #NOExcuses!