I have been up and down in weight prettty much my entire adult life (and teenage). Over the past year (starting late Oct 2015) I have been on my latest journey. Started focusing on healthy habits - with the intent to keep this new lifestyle for the rest of my life.

With the help of a good friend I chose 21dayfix (from beachbody). It is good way to focus on healthy foods and portions along with moving at least 30 min a day. At first the weight came off quickly. I am almost to 50 lbs. However over the last several months I have plataued. Which means it is time to refocus and get back on track.

I started a fresh 21 day fix today and will be following the plan - strickly. Along with this new round I am also in the middle of a 6 mo diet bet. I met my first month, missed 2nd and have 2.5 weeks to get my goal for motn 3 (which right now is 10 lbs). It is doable, but will be hard work. 

I will be checking in every morning to report (really to myself) about my previous day. So far today I am on track. 

Shakeology for breakfast. Egg sandwhich for morning snack. Running at lunch.


I can do this!