I had an amazing vacation traveling through Europe for the first time! We went to Amsterdam, Paris, and London and it was a fantastic experience! I didn't let my weight loss hold me back, I allowed myself to enjoy the foods and drinks being offered, but I made sure to limit myself so I didn't have too much! I was able to experience the foods and drinks of the regions we were in without feeling guilty, and that's really all you can ask for!

I went to my Weight Watchers weigh in the day I flew out (7/15), and had a nice loss of 3.2lbs! That set me at 92.2lbs lost at the start of my trip! I was able to visit WW locations in France and England, and it was neat to see all the different materials they have there! I did weigh in at the London location and had a gain of 3.5lbs, which was to be expected since I was on vacation, and I was happy it wasn't more! When I got home I went to another Friday WW meeting (7/29) exactly two weeks after leaving! I had a gain of 3.2, or a loss of .3lbs since my London weigh in, which cancelled out my weigh in right before leaving! That was a bit of a bummer, but to be expected!

I wanted to get back on track with my Monday weigh ins, so I pushed hard for my goals over the weekend, drinking tons of water and eating clean, and weighed in yesterday (8/1) for a fresh start to August! I lost 1.2lbs in three days, which was likely just all the water weight I had been holding on to from my trip! This pushed me to 90.2lbs lost! I am now 9.8lbs away from 100lbs lost and that is one of my goals for the month of August! If my track record over the last 10 months says anything, I should definitely be able to accomplish this! I am going camping with friends next weekend, and it is my friend's birthday at the end of the month, but I know I can set myself up for success with these two events, as well as the rest of the month!

I have joined three kickstarters for August, so that is just another push that will keep me on my goals! I am so excited to see how everything goes now that I am back from vacation and dedicated to reaching my goals before summer is over! It is seven weeks until my one year Weight Watchers anniversary, and I would love to have a nice number to celebrate on that day!! Here's to achieving goals!!!