This past week was a great one! I got back into the swing of things with workouts and my eating was pretty great! I started to incorporate protein shakes in my coffee, and it was delicious! I lost 2lbs at my Weight Watchers weigh in, and this brought me back down to my "pre-vacation" weight, which I am SO excited about!! I am only 7.8lbs away from my 100lbs lost and my celebratory cheesesteak party! One of my August goals was to reach this milestone, and I think I am well on my way to achieving that!!

I am going camping with friends this weekend, but I have already made plans to stay on track for the days I am there, so I am hoping to still have a good loss next week! I will be bringing healthy snacks (lots of fruits and veggies), I am not planning on drinking while I am there, and I am packing my workout clothes just in case there is an opportunity to get in a run or two!

I have started kickboxing and I absolutely love it!! Another one of my August goals is to go to class 3x per week, and I already went once today, with plans to go again tonight and tomorrow so I can get that done before going camping this weekend! It is such a great workout and so much fun! I bought a one month pass so that I could see how I liked it without fully committing to a membership to the gym, but honestly I am loving it so much I will probably end up getting a membership! We shall see!

Here's to another week of crushing goals!