This week was AWESOME!!! I worked out every single day, between running or walking, and kickboxing! I also ate pretty well, I meal prepped lunches and did well with dinners. And it paid off!! I lost 3.6lbs at my Weight Watchers meeting and I am only 2.8lbs away from my 100 lbs lost!!!!!!! I set my goal for August to reach this, so I have a little over a week to get there! I will probably weigh in on Wednesday next week just so I can make sure I get the numbers at the very end of the month!

Once I reach this goal, I will be less than 30lbs away from my official WW goal, and less than 40lbs away from my "ultimate goal" that I set for myself! My initial goal was to lose 150lbs but I'm not sure how I will feel getting down to that weight, so I set a goal to lose half my body weight and set that as my ultimate goal. But things might change and I might feel differently once I get down there, so I am just seeing how I feel!

This week I will be prepping lunches again, still not 100% sure what I am making but something similar to last week. I will be going to the beach for the weekend for my friend's birthday, so I need to make sure to stay on track while I am there, especially since three of my bets finish on Monday so I can't slack then!! I have reached my goal for them, but I need another little push to stay on track over the weekend.

I am just four weeks and two days away from my one year anniversary with Weight Watchers and I am so excited! I am planning a party with some friends to celebrate, and I can't wait to make fun foods and drinks that are on plan!