SoI don't type well. And I dont write well. I will give you a summary of my experience on the egg fast. Started the egg fast Tuesday August 26 in a desperate move to break through a plateau and win a dietbet 4. Had thought I would do only 3 days but after telling my niece about it, she was on boatd for a week of it. So in preperation filled fridge with eggs and cheese. Stated weight was 174.8. Day 1 I ate eggs n cheese only 9 eggs and 7 serving of eggs. I had boiled eggs fried eggs and scrambled. Day 2 I had a charity luncheon I forgot about when starting. So a little hiccup. Other than lunch I did very good and upped my water intake to help flush those carbs. Day 3 my niece came to hang out and we tried some recipes from web page of egg fast. I love the "pancakes". Each of these days I did a double dose of exercise maybe even triple. Friday morning I made my diet bet with a little breathing room. 169 even 5.8lbs in 3 days:)

So Friday I decided I wouldnt have to quite as strict. I allowed self to have bacon with boiled eggs. This tasted heavenly! Saturday morning I was down.4 so that felt great. Also only did 30 kinutes of exetcise friday. Saturday we had friends over for dinner I ate baked ham and salad. The last few days they suggest as transition have 2 meals eggs n cheese and one regular. Also only did 40 minute walk that day. Sunday Moring I was up 1lb. I blame water retention from ham :). 

Sunday I had eggs for breakfast and dinner and chicken on salad for lunch.also another day with only 30 minutes of biking. Felt like days off since I had 3 days with 2 hours plus before. Monday I had 4 eggs and 5 cheese serving and for lunch I had hot wing I made at home. No breading. I forced self to do 1 hour on the bike. And this morning I was 168.8 DOWN 6LBS in 7 days. A little affraid it might come back on but going to be diligant with sensible diet and exercise. 

I still like eggs:) I will do this again if needed to break through a plateau.  I never got a headache. Worst side effect I have had is not being able to go to bathroom regular. No pain or discomfort from it,  just knowing I havent gone much bothers me.