And just like that it's fall in the Boston area. Leaving work this evening was almost brutal. I thought I was ready for the cool temps, but nah. 

I just weighed myself for the first time since the initial weigh-in: no change. I can't say I've done a ton, but damn. I was at least hoping to be down ONE POUND. Come on, body. 

I didn't go to the gym today, but I totally don't expect myself to workout every single day - that's super unrealistic (not to mention unsustainable). I will, however, try to make it to the gym the remainder of the week - through Friday. This weekend is Halloween, which means lots of drinking and treats. 

Despite the weekend of temporary doom (for my healthy eating) I think I've been doing okay. I've cut back on snacking, reduced my meal portion sizes, and I'm making efforts to walk more or get to the gym after work. That eventually has to count for something, right?