May 29th was my one year Keto anniversary. One year ago, I was 111 kg (244 pounds), the heaviest I had ever been. 

When I think of the day before I started this, I remember being depressed. I don't believe that any body is ugly, but I believe in feeling good about yourself, and that's not how I felt. I was tired all the time. Going to the gym several times a week was only suceeding in frustrating me. I was wondering if there was a point anymore. 

Keto was one of those things on my peripheral that I didn't pay attention to. A friend of mine was losing a lot of weight with it, but it was A DIET, which I always associated with misery. That's still true. I just didn't realize that Keto wasn't a diet--it was a lifestyle. You don't deprive yourself, you don't feel bad, you don't wish you were doing anything else but this. 

But May 28th I didn't know that. On May 29th I was halfheartedly scrolling through Google Play and downloaded a new calorie counter on a whim. It offered a diet quiz to see what I wanted to do. 

I could have NOT taken it. Big changes come down to little moments. 

I just really wanted that bacon. 

The first day is the one that's cemented in my memory as the most significant, though. I got up, measured myself, and then ate a banana. A banana is healthy, right? Wrong. I logged it in the diary and this red line popped up. I was confused, bummed that I messed up THAT FAST, and then thought "Can I really do this?" 

But I did. I made that choice. I'm 96 kg today, 33 pounds lighter. Honestly, I've gone through an inner revolution. I don't hate clothes shopping. Food is not the enemy. I don't really care if something doesn't fit now because it will later. I don't need naps all the time. I think clearly. I don't say, "Oh, I've been bad" or "Oh no, I ate too much!" I don't have the sugar demon on my back anymore. 

This is what feeling great is like. I'm sad that it took me this long to find that out.