I'm currently in one DietBet game, it's called "King Fatty Cakes ShameGameX #FreaksAndFatties". This is the most awesome group of people on DietBet in my opinion. 

Today, however, I just set up to host my own game, its called "Keep Calm And Keto On" I am new to the Keto WOE but I have done really well with it and I am not even good at it. I probably do the most ghetto, sloppy, lazy keto possible but I am losing. #YayMe.

Oh yeah, back to the Game. It starts February 1, 2018, and ends on the 28th. First weigh-in on January 30-31. I plan to add prizes to the game outside of just winning at DietBet

I believe that I started this year at 213lbs and at my last weigh-in I was 198lbs. If you could see me, right now you would see me doing a seated Happy Dance because I am really feeling myself. 

Now my goal weight is 160, mind you I stand at 5'6" I am not Big and Beautiful, like bbw status. Those women are round and shapely. My body isn't build to be overweight. I cannot get that off. LMFAO. I don't have big child bearing hips and my belly exceeds my boobs.

But on the other hand, I am a woman of 50 years and I have given birth to 10, yes count them, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, children. So now on that note I been living my life feeling like my body ain't that bad, all things considered, you know what I mean? But I do have a 6-year-old and very high blood pressure. Any given day without medication could see me at 222/133 or worst. I need to get into shape. 

Feel free to come join me on my journey to better health and weight loss by way of Keto.