OK so I am seriously not a blogger, but here it goes. So far all my life I have gone up and down in weight.

My heighest weight was Dec 1st 2016 at 235lbs and I had to do something. I hired a personal trainer for 3 months and everything worked until he quit for good reasons mind you. Then I was on my own and I had gotten myself down to around 210lbs. Then I fell off the gym and food logging wagon until recently. My current weight is 217.1 and my goal weight is ultimately 170lbs. I have not weighed 170 since I was a teen.

Joining these challenges is going to keep me accountable. I will be going to Bonaire for the 5th time for a 2 week scuba diving vacation on May 7th and i would love to be down to 200lbs by then, but I know that is pushing it.