That's a thing for me. Staying motivated. I know if I put my head down and only focus on today and the good things I do today, and I do that EVERY day, then I can't help but to see progress. I really try to remember that, but dang is it so hard. I see the end goal and I see how far away that is and sometimes it gets real discouraging.

It's also discouraging that my husband can pretty much eat whatever and he remains around a healthy weight. That isn't to say that he hasn't had weight issues. He has, and currently he's the smallest I've ever known him, but sugary stuff, no problem, salty stuff, no problem, loads of fats, no problem. He's never gotten overly large. He showed me his in-phone pedometer though and his job has him running around 14k steps per 12hr day. AND he's constantly lifting heavy equipment and climbing ladders and such. So, he has a LOT of exercise.

What is most encouraging is he is right there with me. I make oatmeal for breakfast, he eats it with me. I make a big ol' honkin' salad, he's eating it with me. When he's off work, he has made it a point to go to the gym with me too. (Which granted isn't often, BUT he still makes the effort and goes when he can.) I buy healthier options for our meals and he's all right there with me, no questions, no complaints. So, I'm blessed with him. He's wanting my health as much as I am, and truly a gal couldn't be more blessed than that. So many other women's families are completely resistant to change and to them getting healthier for whatever reason.

All, in all I need to sit down and daily list my victories and progresses so I can keep up with just how much I've managed to improve. Because if I get healthy inside, SURELY it'll show outside, right?