Yesterday I spent all day writing a blog post. It was about this Gollum woman at the gym who made me feel bad, briefly, and the point was going to be about letting others get us down. I had gifs, I had jokes, I had italicized font, images, tears, laughter, anecdotes, genius similes and metaphors.

And then I had to actually do some work at my job, and I shut down my computer without posting it. And now it will only let me add one picture- the Featured Image.


So let's summarize: Don't let people, especially mean Gollum ladies, get in your head and bum you out. You're better than that.

So what am I typing today for? I figured today was as good a day as any to address the scale, since we're all involved in Dietbets and we see the scale numbers move around like a slot machine we gamble our sweat on.

I like the scale for one reason only; I see what my food choices do to me.

That's it! If I don't drink enough water, the scale will tell me, hanging onto those last few pounds with a stubborness born of a dog with a rope toy. If I eat too much sodium-  (arguably same as drinking enough water but this is my post and I'm going to do it how I want!) - I balloon up like Macy's Day parade entrants, 2-5 pounds overnight.

The scale does one thing: It sums up your hair, your brain tissue, your bones, the cartilage in your body, the skin covering it, the eyeballs, the teeth, the boogers, the intestines, the liver and all your organs, the feces hiding in your gut, the urine you've yet to pass, the blood flowing through your veins, your muscle, your fat, your fingernails, your eyelashes, the plaque on your teeth, the product on your hair - it takes everything you put on its little face and says: This is how much this all weighs at this moment in time.

It does not measure how many times you went to the gym, whether you had a bad day, whether you have hope or need help, whether you are nice or mean, whether you are artistic or musically inclined, how much you are loved or hated. It can only do one thing. How you interpret that thing is entirely up to you.

It can be so disheartening to work so hard and see that scale not budge, or even go up. It is critical that you do not allow it to affect you. Be interested in the number, weigh yourself at the same time every day to be consistant, use it as one tool of many to help guide you. Don't let it take over your life.

You are so much more than can be added up or substracted. The sum of your parts is greater than the whole- everything you have to offer cannot be weighed by a heartless, thoughtless tool. Everything you do matters. Everything you consume matters. Everything you try and fail, want, need, hate, hope for, dream of- it all matters.

The number on the scale will change hour by hour, but you will always remain you.