Today is the big weigh in day for my first Dietbet. I will be writing more about my experience with Dietbet and my 241Journey on my personal blog at My journey dates further back than even the 241Journey, but we'll start there. 

The short of it is that my highest weight was 330 lbs, which was earlier this year. I use a Wii Fit balance board to weigh in with because it keeps all of my information in one place. I like that. What I didn't like was Wii telling me that I couldn't weigh on the balance board because my weight had reached their limit for the board. I WAS DEVASTATED. I don't know exactly what I weighed at the time. I just know that it was above 330. Since I never saw that number, I don't use a made up number to calcuate from. For my journey sake and being honest with myself, I use what is in black and white, using the same scale every time to weigh. 

I am starting my 3rd week of Whole30 (you can read more about that on my blog). I've lost quite a bit of weight doing it, and I LOVE the food I am eating. I don't miss sugar. I don't crave anything for the most part. I do THINK of certain things, but my body doesn't want for those those items. You know what I mean. When you want something so badly you can feel it inside your body. The Whole30 has totally kicked those things for me, which is really important since I BAKE for people. That has definitely added weight for me over time. I didn't want to stop baking, but I knew I couldn't continue tasting at the pace I was. 

So what is my plan? My plan is to continue my 241Journey to lose a whole obese person. Yes, I am that much overweight. I can lose a whole obese person and still be overweight, but a much healthier weight (I have no intention of losing down to 119.5 which is what Wii says my "ideal" weight should be. To Wii I say, BITE ME). I personally think that is ludicrous. Perhaps when I was 18? but I haven't weighed 119.5 since elementary school. Whatever my doctor feels is a healthy weight is my pursuit. My goal is to lose 180 lbs, which will put me at 150 lbs. I'll decide if I want to go further once I get there. I think I can be totally happy and healthy there. 

How am I going to reach my goal? I am going to continue implementing many of the Whole30 principles (no sugar) and add to it Turbo Carb Cycling. I would like to add some activity to it all as well. I'll have to see when, where, and how much I can add. It feels like I hardly have time with my baby, but I realize that my sacrifice right now (a time he will not even remember) will give me more quality and quantity time with him once I reach my goal.

I hope you have an awesome experience with Dietbet. Good luck in your journey.