Well, its not so fun for me as I reflect on choices I made this past week.  I had an affair with Wavy Lays.  I am not sure how it happened other than my grandkids eat them, daughter bought them, and they were there.  I wasnt hungry.  I was watching TV.  Over 400 calories gone.  At least I counted how many I was eating.  I know I am an emotional eater.  Its something I have to deal with and have done really well since the end of July when I started carb cycling.  I ran 2 miles yesterday and walked an additional 1.5 miles.  I wanted to run more and had gotten into a zone with it but a mosquito bite on my ankle kept me from it.  It was rainy most of the week so no extra Y time.  However, I did work out Mon-Wed in the mornings with 9 minute missions and JMBR (Jillian Michael's Body Revolution).  I will count this as a slingshot week and move on!  Planning and journaling are keys for me!