I am so excited to start this DietBet!  I've been a fan of EWL for a long time!  I've struggled with my weight for many years (much of my adult life).  I turned to food to deal with emotions.  I have been in a constant cycle of lose, gain, lose, gain.  I was able to lose and maintain that weight for about 3 years but then I became focused on my career, went through a divorce, and started teaching at night which put me starving by the end of class and stopping at Sonic.  I packed on over 30 lbs over a year.  Since then, I've struggled to get it off.  I've tried everything including WW which had worked in the past.  When they switched the program and made veggies and fruits free foods, I took that as no calories!  Everytime a pain hit, I would grab fruit.  Fruit is full of carbs.  I was working out religiously because I've always loved all kinds of exercises, I just had not been able to get my diet right.  The man in my life pointed out the fact several weeks ago that I was eating a lot of carbs with the bananas and other fruit I was consuming so I may be defeating the purpose!  I'd bought CMLM4L a while back but didnt stick with it because it overwhelmed me at first.  I'd bought all of Jillian's books, tried everything but nothing worked for me.  Something clicked when I heard Cassie's video on FB say, 80% food.  You've got to get the food right.  I turned back to CMLM4L read and re-read...absorbed...came up with a plan and Voila' - 14.6 lbs gone.  The scale had only moved up and down between 5 lbs for so so long and now, it was moving down, staying that way, and headed to my goal.  I loved Bruce's episode!  Totally my favorite.  Excited to be in on this DietBet!