I'm doing the October Unprocessed Challenge ... so with that in mind:


My food goals are:

100% Real Food (tracking EVERYTHING in Spark)

100 ounces of Water (tracking in Spark)

150 grams of Carbs (tracking in Spark)


My excercise goals are:

Running (M, T, Th) - Morning

Yoga (W, F) - Morning

Weights/Planks (M, W, F) - Evenings


My mental goal is:

Meditation (M-F) - Mornings


For me, eating well is required to loose weight BUT if I dont bust it (excercise) then I wont loose... I need the supercharge to my metabolism.  So, I have  a lot of excercise on deck, but I LOVE to run and Yoga is a class that I've been looking forward to!  The only real "work" will be convincing myself to lift at night (after kids are in bed) ....