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Todays is the day!

My Diet Bet starts today.

It's been a long time since I have joined a diet bet, but I have finally decided to do one again. This time I am doing the Transformer. That means 10% over six months, compared to 4% over one month.

I wanted to join the game that started a couple of weeks ago, but I noticed that I would be in Europe during some of the weigh in dates. That just wasn't gonna work. So I waited (I almost wrote weighted, hehe) for a game to come up that would be a better fit with my schedule.

In five months I have to have lost about 23 lbs and then keep it off for the extra month. This is totally doable. I will be disappointed with myself if that is all that I manage to lose by that point. I'm going all in.

I have won every diet bet that I have entered, but it was always the same weight that I kept losing. It was a constant merry-go-round. I'd lose during the game. Slowly gain again. Join another game and so on. I'm looking forward to being in a continuous game for the next several months. I think it will be that extra push I need to force me to keep focused on my goals.

I was planning on paying monthly, but I accidentally purchased the whole game at once. Oh well, it's a month savings. I also accidentally bought a bunch of weigh in vouchers. These are new to me. I am kind of annoyed that I bought these, but I only have myself to blame for being in a hurry when I was paying on not unchecking all of the right boxes. Oh, Internet, sometimes you are so sleazy.