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It is indeed a very happy Wednesday for me. I am down another 2.6lbs since last week. I'm finally starting to hit those lower weights again. I'm almost back at my lowest weight of the summer. That's 8.6lbs that are (hopefully) gone forever.

I am still mystified by the whole process. As I've mentioned before, I haven't been starving. In fact, I feel full a lot of the time. I'm just amazed that eating a little bit more each day has stopped me from overeating and binging. This is something that I've heard over and over, but never believed that it could be real.

I haven't given up my life either. That's what usually happens when I am on a losing streak. No friends and no fun. Not this time. I have gone to every single birthday party that I have been invited to (last week there were four). I have gone on multiple dates with different gentlemen. All of those activities can be ways to easily fall off track. But I haven't let them derail me. I try to plan in advance what I am going to have, but there's always something too tempting to resist that pops up. Sometimes you just gotta have a piece of a fancy cake that is shaped like an ice rink.

But I have been tracking EVERYTHING that I have been eating. The good and the bad. I have even been weighing my food when I can. It really is an eye opener. All the extra calories that you can easily consume if you aren't paying proper attention. Even though I try to use measuring tools when I can, it can still be pretty variable. Yesterday I was putting my go to low calorie cheese on my food when I decided to measure and weight it. My version of a 1/3 of a cup was MUCH higher than an actual 1/3 of a cup.

I keep a little notepad next to my scale. So when I grab some hummus, I can write down how much the container weighs initially, and then I can write down how much it weighs when I take what I want out. Let me tell you, I eat way too much hummus. But I'm okay with that. It's so much better than just eyeballing it.

It also helps that I have been getting out and moving more. I have fallen in love with yoga. Particularly the Deep Stretch classes. I had a Groupon for a month of yoga at a new facility near my house. Finally a studio near me! I actually got my money's worth out of that Groupon. I only went once the first week because I had a friend visiting and I went away for a few days. But every week since, I have been there as much as I could be. In total, I went at least 12 times in the past 30 days. I honestly would have gone every day if I could have... but you know, life. That's definitely the most that I have ever gone. Unfortunately my Groupon has expired, but I'm not going to stop. I have some passes left at another studio, so I am going to use those up before my trip. And then I will figure out some sort of yoga plan when I get back.

My Fitbit stats are pretty good this week. I had my highest day ever on Saturday. 17,757 steps. I still haven't reached the 20,000 mark yet, but I am on my way. I did a lot of walking on Saturday to get to that point. I am looking forward to my stats when I am in Europe. So much walking to be had.


How did you do this week?

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