I was doing awesome the first 2 weeks working out at the gym or using the Wii at home.  Right now I am working two jobs (60+ hours a week).  I hate when people say "you can always find time to work out".  Your right I can, but when I'm working 16 hour days Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I don't have time to work out.  I have pretty much just been slacking since Friday.  But I don't like not working out, it makes me feel horrible.  Typically I would get 3-5 coffees a week with extra cream and extra sugar, and when I'm at one of my jobs they always have candy, (its a halloween scream park).  so while I'm at work there I just eat a ton of candy.  Over the weekend I decided to not have any extra sugar to see how that works.  No coffee and no candy.  I'm not cutting all sugar out, just the unnecessary over abundace of it.  A while back I didn't have coffee for a week and just with that I lost 3 lbs.  I have 5 lbs to lose and I know I can do it!  Hoping this will help me lose even more.  I would love to lose 10 (so I will be under 200).  Time will tell.  Hope everyone else is going strong!  Don't give up!