In 2011 I had started to talk to my father again after about 7+ years.  After the first time I had seen him he told my sister how worried he was about me and how much weight I had gained (she told me this probably a year or so after).  At that point I was almost 250lbs (He was 280lbs).  After a few weeks he had said how he wanted to lose weight and asked if I wanted to do it with him.  I went out and bought a scale and we started the next day.  We weighed in once a week together, him being a guy and having to lose more weight, he was losing more faster.  I do remember the day I saw 219, under 220 was huge!!!  My ultimate goal for that was 199 to be under 200lbs.  My dad passed away in 2012 he lost a very long courageous battle with cancer.  I don't remember how much I weighed at that time, but I remember stepping on the scale (some point after he died) and saw three numbers I had not seen together in a very long time. 1-9-8!!! I cried for two reasons, one because I had not seen that in so long and I reached my goal and because I wished that my Dad was there to see it too!


I know that I can lose the weight, I just needed the motivation.  My Dad was it for me and now this competition is.  I had done a few challenges at work, but that never really helped give me the motivation.  I did really well on weight watchers in the past, it was the only thing that really helped me.  Back in April I was going to the gym every day (and eating right, not weight watchers) and lost 6 lbs in just a few weeks. I have been in a funk of not going to the gym...excuse after excuse after latest one was I don't have any pants to workout in.  Yesterday I said to myself, get over it, put on shorts and go...and I did.  I went and walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes, I walked 2.18 miles.  (I forgot to set it to see how many calories)


Yesterday I ate great!  There was a hershey bar sitting in my fridge and I went to get it to have a little piece, I mean it's just a little piece no big deal right??  I looked at it and I said "Je'nae is that really worth is?" and realized it's not and walked away.  Usually if I'm running late for work, I just grab a muffin, bagel, coffee roll or whatever I could on the way to work.  Today I was running late but I made the time to make an omelet with veggies and sausage, which was so delicious and obviously much better than anything I would have gotten on the road.


I look at the picture I posted and am disgusted that I let myself get that big, I am upset with family who didn't tell me how big I was getting.  Because honestly I knew I was big, but looking at this picture shows me that I CAN DO THIS! I am ready and focused and can't wait to start to see the pounds start to drop!