I am a thyroid cancer survivor, post total thyroidectomy, (read - NO metabolism - doctors keep hormones low on purpose to keep you from getting cancer again) and for the LONGEST time, I had such a bad attitude about how hard I have to try to lose weight. But, after about 10 years of trying EVERY diet and workout craze that came along, I came to a very hard (but real) truth. I am never going to be able to eat what I want all the time. I am never going to be able to live a life in which exercise isn't absolutely necessary to keep from gainingĀ weight. Once I was able to deal with that reality (and honestly, ladies...once you get past a certain age, isn't that EVERYONE's reality?) I was able to get focused on finding diet and exercise that I enjoy! I mean, if you have to do it - you should love it, right?

I started off signing up for a gym and just trying every class. Over time, I realized that I mostly loved kickboxing, spin and step - and I stuck with those. In addition, I found that I have a deep and passionate love for P90X! I know that it isn't for every woman, but I have found that P90X, above all other things makes me feel so powerful! And while I may actually look like the Michelin Man during my workout, in my mind I look like Demi Moore in GI Jane. Hahahaha And do you know what I noticed? The more I imagined myself looking like that on the outside? The more intense I got in my workouts, the more serious I took it...and the more I actually DID start to look like that on the outside. Now, I am not saying I like to workout like that all the time. I don't. We all need fluff days when we're tired, or worn-down or WHATEVER. And the workouts I choose are definitely not for everyone. They are intense and very physical. There are days when I don't want to do it. But I have a deal with myself. I have to do at least 10 minutes. If I get to the end of the 10 minutes and I STILL don't feel like working out. I will give myself a break and call it quits. The truth of it is....I always make it past the 10 minutes because working out always makes me feel better regardless of how I felt before I started. Love your workout and it will love you back!