This week has been a success... I am headed in the right direction.  It actually has been easier than I thought because when I started this diet bet that I was going to specifically focus on making a few small changes in my biggest problem areas. 


1. No Binge Eating (this is a huge problem for me that I opened up about in my first blog).


2. Keep the Weekends Healthy: This is my weakness.  I tend to be in pretty good habits during the week but I tend to get out of control on the weekends and "start over" on Monday.  I have a lot of free time on the weekend to get ahead with my health goals instead of fall behind... time to get in a good habit!


So just two things to focus on....for me that is working so far.


I have been very successful at not binging at all this week. (In my previous blog I talked about this long struggle that only now exists as a habit not out of starvation).  I am looking forward to another week of no binging. What has worked for me: 1.) eating 1 piece of candy and enjoying it instead of eating a bunch and knowing that each small victory during these diet bets can eventually translate in to a life free of binge eating.  2.) Making plans with friends to go to a group fitness class or something... basically diverting my focus by focusing on something else that gives me pleasure. 3.) Drink a lot of water.  I have been drinking 1-2 full glasses of water when I first wake up, a lot in between meals and during meals.


In terms of the weekend.... I definitely didn't eat "perfect" this weekend but for me as long as I don't binge on the weekend I have success.  My husband and I went over to some friends last night who order Chinese take out... so not the most health conscious of choices BUT I ate a smaller portion and enjoyed the good flavors and conversations with our friends.  I had gone on a long run yesterday in anticipation of likely unhealthy eating that night. Also, I'm planning a trip to the gym this morning as well instead of beating myself up about last night’s indulgence. :)  


To anyone reading this, I challenge you to celebrate small victories today.  What have your small victories been this week?