ok, so here goes......


I have struggled with binge eating my entire life. The first time I remember binge eating, I ate almost an entire box of Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies when I was was staying at a friends house when I was in elementary school.  

I am now 28 and and continue to binge in private.  I have managed to stay at a healthy weight throughout most of my life but  but my weight tends to fluctuate plus/minus ~10 pounds on the border of an "overweight BMI."  In the past I have had years of therapy for this eating disorder and it has been tremendously helpful and I have overcome a lot. While I think that therapy helped me overcome most of my psychological struggles with food and exercise, I don't think I will ever be fully "cured" from this.  What I have managed to do is to establish healthy habits and routines that help me overcome past struggles with binge eating issues.  

I joined this diet bet to begin getting out of the habit of binge eating.  I am challenging myself work towards getting out of the habit of binge eating. On a normal day, I eat a healthy and well balanced diet full of a variety of foods. I also love exercise.  In a normal week I exercise 4-6/week. I am a group fitness instructor and love taking exercise classes.  I am a runner and have run many running races including multiple 1/2 marathons and 1 marathon. 

The problem is that I still am in the habit of binge eating ~1-2x/week.  I binge eat out of habit not out of starvation. I want to challenge myself to 4 weeks of no binge eating. I will eat whatever I want as long as I don't binge eat.  My ultimate fitness/wellness goal is to stop binge eating altogether.  I believe if I can reach this fitness goal I will reach my goal weight.  My ultimate goal weight is for the first time in my life to weight 115lbs and have that be my normal weight that I fluctuate around that number for the rest of my life. I am not looking to do anything extreme with my 2 goals except for stop binge eating and continue to exercise. I also want to stop binge eating because I feel like it has also started to effect my marriage (have been married for 1 year).  When I binge eat I feel bad about myself and I tend to take it out on my husband in addition to me being in a bad/unpleasant mood. 

Putting my story out there is my first step towards working at my goal. Dealing with this is hard but most of all it is embarassing.  


here goes....