I'm usually good at eating well and being physically active when at home turf. The thing that gets me is travelling. The excitement of being in a new location and wanting to try almost everything is too tempting!

This time around I was in Italy and France for 9 days. Lots of temptations to give in to and a diet bet to win when the trip is over. I needed a plan. I never like depriving myself so when I succumbed to some of my temptations, I took bites or ate smaller pieces. If I knew I was having a decadent dinner, my lunch would be a salad. I wouldn't eat anything rich unless it was amazing. I also take into consideration my high caloric intake by exercising during my trip.

I didn't lose any weight when I was away. But I didn't gain any either. Success! I've never been able to do this. The last week of the diet bet kicked my ass because I didn't lose any weight on the trip but knowing that I can make better choices is huge for me.