My third DB started today.  I was super stoked that the lovely ladies over at Shrinking Jeans did another 4% AND a wellness challenge.  I know the holidays are coming.  I know that I need something to hold myself accountable to.  All of the data says that the Holidays are the worst time.. worst time to diet, quit smoking, start new projects, etc.. But here I am. And I hate losing.

I could say that I have struggled with weight loss all of my adult life.  But I haven't.  I have been heavy all my life.  I never termed myself obese.  But I was.  I am.  But I was comfortable with myself.  I could tell myself that it was ok that my blood pressure was high.. family history don't ya know.  I made excuse after excuse.  Until I literally could not squeeze myself into my clothes anymore.  I refuse to go up in size again.  I will not do it. 

I have now lost 17.2 pounds since I started with DietBet.  I am not thinking about the final goal as it is so big that it stresses me out.  So for now, I have 9.9 pounds standing between me and winning this DB.  I will do my best.  I will compete with my co-worker and we will encourage each other to get this done. 

I have come to love the blogs.  I love to read of other's struggle and how they are overcoming it.  Some of them I found myself disagreeing with or rolling my eyes or feeling kind of sad for them even.  But oh, when someone breaks that barrier.. THAT is awesome!  I love to see that! 

I will set my goals.  I will maintain them.  I will (probably) fall off the proverbial wagon.  But be damned if I will not get right back on it.  I'll be driving that sucker before the end of this!



1500 daily calories

Monday through Friday workout after work

Water water water!!

Logging calories in and out.

Reading the blogs and encouraging my fellow DB'ers!