We all can come up with a great excuse right?  What ever we need that excuse for we've got it.  I'm tired from working all day.. I'm not gonna work out tonight. I'll make it up tomorrow.  It's ok to have one cookie.. I won't have any tomorrow.  I took the stairs yesterday.. the elevator it is. 

Why do we do this to ourselves?  It is the middle of the day.  The day before a major holiday.  There is slim to nothing going on in the office.  And yet, here I sit thinking.. If I don't go to the gym tonight there might not be so many people at the grocery store.  Um.. hey genius.. there are going to be a zillion people there.  So just go to the gym and be done with it.

I've told myself all week long.. moderation, be conservative, and then on Thursday I can just use moderation and eat what I want.. Monday I had Mexican for dinner.. yeah that is conservative.. oh and in case you are wondering.. Yep I had an excuse.

I haven't weighed myself since my official weigh in which was on Sunday.  I did however, do my measurements again.  Total inches lost 9.25!!! Woot woot!!   Maybe that can quiet my excuses for a little while.  Or at least help me stand up to them anyway.