I could have stayed in bed, warm and cozy under my heavy blanket, until I absolutely HAD to get up to get ready for work. But I got out of bed when my first (okay, second) snooze alarm went off. I dressed and went to the gym. I ran 3.11 miles. 

I could have chosen to stop at the coffee shop after my morning workout. I was hungry after my workout, and I love the turkey bacon sandwich at my coffee shop. Instead, I decided to stick with my planned breakfast of an orange. I peeled it, savoring the citrus scent, and I slowly ate it at my desk while reading emails.

I was invited to grab lunch with a couple of coworkers who were heading down to the cafeteria. I could have gone with them. I could have purchased calorie-laden deliciousness to fill me up and leave me logy for the afternoon as my body worked through the extra carbs and fat. I could have rationalized that it was important for me to go with my coworkers so we could bond- but they offered to bring their food back so we could eat together. So, I chose to heat up my Lean Cuisine sesame chicken entree, and I supplemented it with some fresh watermelon and ate until I was full. My Lean Cuisine and fresh fruit kept me full throughout the afternoon, without slowing me down.

I could have chosen to talk a friend into going out for a drink after work, just because. And that drink would have turned into two drinks, and an appetizer or two, and the appetizers would be fried. But I sent my friend a "Have a great night!" email instead and I drove home, where I could have opened a bottle of wine, ordered in some Chinese food, and relaxed on the couch the rest of the night. Instead, I made homemade chicken tacos, served with lots of veggies, and plotted weekend home improvements with my significant other.


I could have retired to bed at the end of the night and berated myself for having one glass of wine with my tacos. I could have spent those pre-sleep minutes hating the number on the scale. I could have drifted off to sleep already thinking about how I might fail tomorrow. But instead, I lay in bed and I pondered how many times I could have made worse decisions today, and how many times I could have been unhappy with those decisions. And I decided I would celebrate what could have happened- and what did happen.