So I have done DietBet before, but I (blah blah lots of excuses) so I stopped.  Short of my goal.  What a wiener. I've since signed up for Ragnar, and I am training faithfully.  You'd think I would be getting trim and slim, right?  I should be... I am running a minimum of three miles three times a week!  That's some calorie-burning stuff!  But I use it as an excuse to eat!!!  "I ran today, so I can eat (whatever)."  "It's ok if I am two or three hundred calories over my count today-I went for a run."

Obviously, I have been totally kidding myself.  Here I am, four months after my last DietBet, up 10 pounds.  Yikes.  So, I'm turning over another new leaf...  Back on the wagon, joining DietBet, eating clean, running on.