2015 is upon us! While I've lost a good amount of weight last year, I gained some back over the last couple months and I still have more to go. I'm looking to the New Year as a way to start again fresh and really refocus on my diet and exercise!

To get a good start to 2015, I'm hosting my first new game of the year, which begins on January 3rd:

I love hosting these big bet games because I see people stay more committed throughout the game - so more people succeed! I have some players that have been playing with me for months and it is fun to see their changes and dedication! I also see new players that are looking for big bets to get them started on their weight loss journey.

Many of my players play in several games at a time - since you can play in up to three of the 28 day challenges simultaneously, you can lose the weight once and get paid three times!

I wish you all well in 2015 and hope to see you in BET BIG TO WIN BIG - NEW YEAR KICKSTARTER! 


About DownsizingAaron

Aaron is a DietBet Master Coach and plays in others' games as well as hosts his own.

To date, over 4,400 players in his games have lost a combined 32,000+ pounds and have a 67% win rate, one of the highest on DietBet! You can find his list of current and upcoming games at: http://www.dietbetter.com/coach/DownsizingAaron

He also runs a Facebook group, Dietbetter Together. Check it out!