I need to will be good to myself.

I will be determined but kind about my goals.

I will be positive about my progress, I will smile at the girl standing on the scale even if the scale won't "smile" back at her.

I will love my vegetable filled plates, and I will treat myself, but not too often.


I will be good to myself, despite;

The fact that I've had not exercised in a month,

I overate and  not only on the holidays, 

I've gained 8 Lbs in a month,

and laid in bed with a ration of food like I do every December.


I'm good to myself.

I've started working out again.

I'm preparing lovely greens again.

Instead of sitting on the couch or lying in bed, I've  started watching my favorite shows while walking on the treadmill again.

I've joined a group of positive fighters in a Dietbet game.


And I smile, 

I smile at the fact that my limbs hurt.

It means that I've started, again.

I can be proud of myself, again.