It's funny. The first blog post I wrote was back in mid-November. I had been "dieting" for a couple of weeks and I was feeling unsure and afraid. Was I going to stick with it? Could I really do this? 


Now, a month and a half later, and two months into this, I don't feel that anxiety anymore. Instead I feel a calm assurance that yes, of course I am going to do this.  I feel comfortable with taking my time, I don't feel stressed and anxious about it. I am well on my way and I have a ways yet to go. I am not doing it perfectly. That used to bother me.. if I couldn't do it perfectly then I was failing.. I would undermine myself constantly. I've worked hard to embrace the mantra "Progress, not perfection, is the name of the game." 


The other thing I do is realize, when things feels slow, that two months ago I would have LOVED to be at the weight I am now! I would have been so excited to be "so far along!" Sometimes it is just hard to see the forest for the trees but in the big view, I've come quite a ways already!

In my mind's eye, I picture myself this summer. I'm hiking with my sons through the desert trails in the National Parks of Utah, waiting for Old Faithful to erupt in Yellowstone, kayaking on the lake under the shadow of the Grand Tetons, and bringing in the Fourth of July at Mount Rushmore. I am going to spin on the top of the mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park while yodeling Climb Every Mountain! :D


And as I am hking, or rappelling, or horseback riding, any of the other things we are doing, I won't be thinking about how I look at all, or how much I weigh, or if I can fit on this or that. I will just be doing it in a body that is finally free.