The bet starts today. I'm nervous because it's Bill's birthday, so we are going out to eat at an Italian restaurant. I'm also not sure how I'll manage my planned 3-mile run today because I didn't do it this morning. I'm finding morning exercise (other than doing stretching, foam rolling, or push-ups in the house) hard to get to during the weekdays. We'll see if that changes. 

I did go ahead and pack my stuff to go running after work. I wanted to come in earlier to work in that case so I could leave earlier, run around East Campus, make it home to shower, and then do the birthday dinner. But I didn't make it in til 9am. I'll talk to my boss and she's probably be understanding if I ask her to leave a little early and will make it up another day. I will probably just go straight home and run there with the dog so I can shower and then have Bonnie pick me up to go to dinner. 

Sounds like a plan - wish me luck, world!