Today is my "rest day" (which I desperately need because I've been kicking it up a few notches every day this past week). I'm still doing the 30 minutes of activity as part of the 100 day challenge, but this time it will be Yin Yoga class at the Y, which won't burn very many calories. So I'm somewhat concerned about how I'm going to manage it. 

So here's how I'm doing it:

1. Had a dense breakfast of oatmeal and fresh berries (I don't add sweetner or anything else to my oatmeal). That was 530 calories because it was about a cup and a half of oatmeal.

2. I did a walk that burned 123 calories during lunch. Walked over to Babymoon Cafe to get my lunch. I was pretty impressed that such a short walk burned that many calories! (About 0.7 out and back.)

3. Enjoyed a healthy and protein-rich and fatty (meaning: filling and satisfying) salad with grilled salmon and pesto from Babymoon (463 calories)

4. Hungry right now, so I'm eating some carrots and hummus for a snack now (175 calories).

5. Calculated what yoga will be: 240 calories burned for an hour.

That will leave me, by dinner time, with a net allowance of 396 calories left. So what I have to do is walk the dog when I get home (depending how far I walk, that will burn 200-300 calories) so I have enough food to eat for dinner.

Not sure what dinner will consist of, but I'll make sure to try to calculate it in and ensure I don't go over my calories before I actually eat it. There's some thawed chicken I could make. Or even a smoothie - we have frozen fruit, greek yogurt, and raw honey. That actually sounds pretty good!