So many of us are taking care of all the others in our family ; like me are putting themselves last on the totem pole . Life is so in the fast lane and we don't take the time. In doing a lot of soul searching I've always concerned myself with others and not worried about myself . I'm  now trying to re-teach myself to take care of "self "; so I "WILL " be around to help others. Changing your life to a healthy eating for life is the most important and exercising . I take one day , one meal , and one step at a time . I personally have a long journey ahead of me .  Remember if you have a bad day ; it's a bend in the road , but not the end of the road. Tomorrow is a "NEW DAY " & "A NEW BEGINNING " ! It has been such an inspiration on this being my first dietbet and reading post seeing and hopefully helping and getting help from others . This is our 3rd week and I wish everyone the best . I'm doing the CARB CYCLING with Chris Powell's book -Chose More To Lose More For Life and highly recommend it. I've lost 9lbs. in 2 weeks ! You can also go to . BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE & REMEMBER WE CAN DO THIS !!!!!