Its been quite a few weeks since I wrote a post.  I am getting a bit nervous as this Dietbet challange is coming to an end.  My weight keeps going up and down where I am within a lb of my goal then it jumps to 2 lbs then jumps back down to hit goal. SO for the next 2 days I will be pushing water, pushing extra workouts and hope to hit 12K steps and making sure my eating is clean.  


Unfortunitly during this challange I was sick for 2 of the weeks which I think might have hinder some of my results.  I am not giving up and have some intese goals I am deterined to meet.


SOme of my NSV during this challange have been down 4 inches, gained a lot of strength and I have gotten though 20 min of my 40 min DVD Jillian Mihaels which is not easy at all.


It efferts to keep up with my goals and stay on track I created a new dietbet challange that starts wednesday Feb 4th. Its called Progress not Perfection.  That is my motto lately that I am making continued progress.


I want to be below 200 by the in of June as I have a recheck at my doctor for my diabeties to determine if I need meds or not which I am hoping I can control everything through diet.  


Love the support of all the players on this journey.