So yeah... my Big 4-0 will hit right as we are ending this challenge. I'm not looking for some dramatic life change, but just to be healthy enough to walk up to my daughter's bedroom without being winded, to play with her on the floor without moaning when I get up, to be able to feed my family good food without feeling deprived, to feel good about myself again... and (ok vanity is setting in) to not be *too* embarrassed in a swim suit come this summer when I'm at the annual beach vacay with my in-laws. 

Too much to ask? Hell I don't know....

I had a baby girl 11 months ago. I gained a healthy weight overall -- only 33 pounds, which almost 20 of that was gone in the first 2 week post. Then the PPD set in....The rest of the weight didn't come off as easiely as I had hoped, even though I was pumping/breastfeeding.

Let me back up a bit....

Oct 2012, weight 150 (wedding weight! Looking GREAT!)

The only thing I did to drop about 30 pounds in 6 months was, cut out the wine habit and actually do some freakin' exercise 2-3 times a week. I did one of the Biggest Loser work DVDs. I went from 184 in Feb 2012 to 150 in Oct. 2012. Wahoo!!!

July 2013, weight 164lbs, 5'7"

When I got preggo I immediately stopped drinking and smoking, just like that. Put it down and didn't look back. I took care of myself, ate right (breakfast every morning!!!), limited my coffee, took my vitamins. For the first four months, I LOST weight but gained a baby. I looked great, my face looked thinner, my arms were thinner. I didn't bother with maternity clothes until after 6 months. Even then, I could still fit into my size 12 jeans but just couldn't button them.

Baby born March 2014, weight 197

After the baby I was a mess. PPD is no joke. It threw me for a loop and I can't thank the universe enough for my completely supportive and loving husband. I would not have make it out of that darkness without him. That said, I got on some meds and started adjusting to motherhood. However some bad habits came back... a couple of months after the baby, I went out with my BFF and had a maragarita the size of my head. And, I smoked two of her cigs. That did it. Couple of weeks later, wine and smokes are part of my weekly grocery list. Then why have breakfast when I can just have another cup of coffee? Slippery slope. 

Summer 2014, weight 175

I'm still hovering around 170-175 lbs at that time. Plenty of time to get the last 15 or so pounds of baby weight off.... CHEERS!


Fall 2014, weight 180. 

Busted out my winter clothes from storage -- mind you this time last year I was 6 mo preggo. Yeah, so what if I'm still wearing my materinity leggings!??? They are sooooo comfy!!!! And these big sweaters just hide everything!!! Wahoo, pass that spinach dip....

Christmas 2014, 184

I finally reached the max of my no-baby weight. I am once again the heaviest I have ever been. My jean are SCREAMING at the seems. Now I can only fit into the "stretchy" ones. (Thank heaven for jeggins.) At my lowest I actually concidered buying the 3-way poncho *record needle scratch* WTF???? 

Que the music -- CH CH CH CHANGES!!!!

Somethin's got give for this momma. So. Here I am. What's my weight loss plan? Not a clue. I guess I will ditch the wine again (occasional cocktail will be OK), make better food choices and most importantly, find a few minutes to myself to go back to my Biggest Loser DVDs. 

I know if I put my mind to something I can do it. I quit smoking again -- been over a month now. So I know I have some kind of will power, it's just trying ot tap into it. I just really hate restrictions and "can't have this or that". I'm not a good "goal" person but I love making lists. I'm hoping if I just focus on today, maybe I can make enough 1 day changes so then it becomes a habit. Too much to ask?  Hell I don't know...