When I first started losing weight, I was kind of disappointed with the skin around my stomach. It actually started looking worse as the fat disappeared making the skin loose. I knew it'd just take time for the skin to catch up so I tried not to worry about it. The skin has indeed started to catch up. The strong girl in the mirror is looking smoother around the mid-section.

Last night, I was standing in front of my dresser mirror in a bra and shorts looking at my mid-section. I tightened up my abs and the skin puckered up and got all lumpy. I relaxed and did it again a couple times. I looked utterly ridiculous! I glanced over at my husband sitting on the bed. I could tell by the twinkle in his eye and the way he was pressing his lips together that he wanted to laugh, but he's a smart guy and was keeping a straight face. We both busted out laughing so hard. He said my waistline looked like a squished marshmallow, which is fairly accurate. 

I looked back at the mirror and sucked the abs in tight again. There's a skinny girl in there, I thought. I see you, skinny girl! I'm coming to get you!