First off I have to start by saying I am not Catholic nor did I grow up in a faith remotely related to Catholicism. However as I have gotten older I have learned to embrace other faiths and appreciate their differences.

After living in a city that had a large catholic population,for a few years, I learned a little about lent. Lent interested me so I decided to do a little research on it. I do have catholic friends that are the type that say they are going to give up fast food or something negative they are doing. These friends also gave up within 5 day's of lent. lol. So of course with them as my lent roll models I thought that was all it was, just another event to try to give up this (insert bad habit) or that (insert bad food). I was happy to find that it was much more then giving up soda for 40 day's.

After finding interesting stories about the pretzel and about not just giving up something but rather give to something, I knew I was in. So this year I will participate in lent both in diet as well as attitude. To give up or give to others to get closer to an enlightened state or God is definitely worth it. One thing I have noticed about people who are successfull in change has be attitude. Positive attitude that says you know what that sucked but I did it anyways. A light that keeps that pep in your step, a smile on your face, and the willingness to continue sounds right up my alley.

Tomorrow is the first day of lent (Ash Wednesday) and I decided that I will start meditating during lent. I have meditated in the past for school(art schools teaches you random things) and meditation for me is like prayer which allows me to clear out the noise and fill with lightness. I think meditation will also be done during light stretching yoga(basically controlled breathing). Multitasking my calm state. hehe. Also I plan to give during lent. Everyday I, like many other's, suffer from un-greatfulness specially towards our own friends and family. One of the thing's I plan to do is say thank you as much as possible, even the little things. Also since I enjoy cooking with my gremlin of a nephew we are going to bake once a week to give to other's(lots of great neighbors that deserve a muffin). I want to volunteer my time during lent but I haven't figured out where yet.

Diet wise, depending on church restrictions, it could call for fasting (one meal a day) or limiting the things you eat. I do not think it is healthy to fast 100% so I am going to follow this one outline I found. Wednesday's and Friday's I will not eat meat at all and during the rest of the week's I will only eat meat once each day. During this time I am trying to cut out all/most flour(white or wheat) because lately I have had stomache issues that I think are due to gluten irritation. I stopped eating flour products last year and felt better so I am going to go back to that. While limiting my meat consumption I will change the type of meat to more fish less poultry or four legged animals. If you don't know the history meat was only afforable to the rich during lents beginning, so no meat, except for the occasional fish. 

I know 40 day's and night's will be a challenge to push myself physically, as well as spiritually. But I am hopeful this will lead to good things for my health and general well being. 

As alway's 'keeping it moving' just in a unique way for 40 day's.