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Sorry, I think I just sat on you!
by - 04/05/2018 7:15PM

I am the first to tell you that I am not a dainty, little thing. Knowing this in situations where I ... Read More ›

Referee Rachel

I'd be your travel buddy! I'm sorry to read pieces of this post, but I want you to know something.... you aren't alone. If you ever see me (normally my hair is crazy curly and I wear funky glasses) take up the space you need and don't apologize. Just sit down next to me and we can make awkward conversation until one of us cracks a joke and we talk the entire flight. I've been known to do that. People usually open up to me pretty quickly. :) I've been the mom flying with a baby and remember when the woman realized we were in her row. Her look said it all. I wish we could all offer a bit of grace and kindness in situations like yours. It's not easy flying and I hope that your next experience is a better one..... until then, sending you a hug!
I can't hang with the skinny fat
by - 02/23/2015 9:01PM

Over the weekend I actually spent time with grown ups that didn't have kids with them. Which ment au... Read More ›

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It might have been water weight that you gained. I know when I drink a lot of alcohol, I gain water weight.You can still enjoy yourself, but just get moving again after a weekend of relaxation. One weekend shouldn't ruin your progress. Hope you keep moving!


I agree with Brit. Drink a lot of water with lemon, and perhaps even dice up some ginger and turmeric root and make a tea with them? It will help purge the water your body is holding on to from the alcohol intake...
40 Day's and Night's
by - 02/18/2015 1:46AM

First off I have to start by saying I am not Catholic nor did I grow up in a faith remotely related ... Read More ›

If I didn't already hate this holiday
by - 02/14/2015 2:29AM

I get that Valentine's day is about the love. But as someone who has NEVER had a love on Valentine's... Read More ›

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Next time someone asks you to watch their kids on valentines night tell them it is a night when you are in huge demand so it will be 100 dollars, or 200 or whatever and see if they say yes. Then you have right up front what you will be paid.


Thanks ladies! Lisa R. I do not think I am a good nanny I just think I expect children to act how I was expected to act. I think I didn't turn out so horrible so why not encourage children to have some level of good judgement, standards, and good sportsmanship. Also have fun, we played a ton of games in a 15 min span of time. I feel better knowing that I am not an A-hole because I feel so put out by someone taking advantage. It takes one to ruin things for all. I hope you all have a great day celebrating or not celebrating V-day.
Realistic expectations
by - 02/11/2015 1:29AM

Well, I am back. After lots of family drama, traveling, and death of a grandparent I am finallying g... Read More ›

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First off, glad to hear you are back after everything with your family. I know that just not have been easy for you. Good for you realizing that those girls are not the best type of role models for women. You do not have to be stick thin to look & feel great. Strong and fit is the new sexy! That is something to work toward. Be proud of all the things your body can do, not what it can't do. Confidence and attitude will take you a long way. Keep it up!
by - 12/26/2014 7:09PM

This holiday season is just a whirlwind with traveling,  constant change of plans, and the death of ... Read More ›

Els momma

Soup, you have every right to feel the way you do. We are only human. I hope things start getting better. You will be in my thoughts.


So very sorry for the death of your grandfather. I lost my grandma a couple year ago so I know your pain. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family!
Hug everyone
by - 12/17/2014 4:17PM

As much as I knew this was coming. I didn't it would be today and I thought I would least get to see... Read More ›

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Thank you all! You are all so kind and I am so fortunet to have a great group of supporters in you all. I am headed back east coast and will get to spend this week celebrating the life of the stubborn, strong, sweet pop that use to give us rides on his lawn mower and wheel chair. I will keep checking in during everything but limited. I am still going to do as much as I can to keep moving even through it all.


Sorry for ur loss - hes watching over u. (Hugs)
There is alway's something that doesn't fit
by - 12/17/2014 1:21AM

So the countdown to heading back to the east coast is on(3 days in case you were curious). I am exci... Read More ›

Els momma

Look for a TJ Maxx or Kohls when you get home. They usually have everything. I struggle with jeans because I'm short and round :). When they fit in length then don't at the waist. If they fit at the waist then there super long in length. The troubles us women go through :(.


Definitely keep it moving! I wish you a safe flight and that your grandpa is better. Take care of yourself, and hope all goes well.
Seriously, why are you such a douche bag??
by - 12/11/2014 2:19AM

I knew when moving here that things would be different and at times very trying. Starting over, agai... Read More ›

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Carol W.

Hang in there. Is this your only living arrangement options?

Michelle D.

I can totally relate to "moderation is not my deal". It's not my deal either, neither are the people that spout off about it as if it were that simple. I just want to tell them oh wow, moderation . . . . why didn't I THINK of that?? Thanks for bringing that strategy to my attention. If you'd only told me about using moderation sooner, I could've avoided this whole morbid obesity thing altogether.I love your writing & your ability to express your frustration with such humor. Hang in there, I sincerely hope things get better soon!
Out of place
by - 12/03/2014 2:44PM

I have mentioned in previous blogs about taking care of my nephew, I am his full time nanny. For the... Read More ›

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Susie S.

I image it would be rough. Hope you find a good groove and a peacefulness. Family can be hard at times but what isn't in life lol. Sending prayers:-)


Hope things are going okay with the brother-in-law back. Take care!
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