Ok, so I have found it helps for future reference and accountability when I do an exercise log daily.  I know I won't manage to keep this up every single day of my life, and will do weekly ones if I get behind.  It doesn't have to take long though, so here goes.


I finished Day 2 of the Eat Drink and Be Skinny Planks (eatdrinkandbeskinny.com) and Push Ups Challenge.  This was a Benchmark Test to see whether I chose to do knee push-ups or full out push-ups on my toes.  


I will say I used to do push-ups quite a bit when I was younger and actually enjoyed them.  I haven't done them since my car accident almost 12 years ago though in which I fractured 7 ribs in my upper back and my shoulder.  I had a lot of pain in this part of my back for many years after the accident, and still have issues with pain in my ribs and chest due to the other damage I had at the time and the combination of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo Arthritis I now have.  I have though learned that using weight machines and lots of varying exercises help to strenghten my back and shoulders and that combined with my RA medicine, I have had considerably less pain the past year or two.  


I have been doing planks occasionally in my Yoga video workouts over the past few years since I started practicing Yoga.  I struggle every time when transitioning from Downward Facing Dog to Upward Facing Dog or Cobra, but I have gained a little strenght from trying as much as I can.


This being said for the Push-Up 60 second Benchmark Test, I tried to do a Push-up in full push up form on my toes and could not complete it.  I then switched to my knees and didn't figure I would make it much past 1 there either.  I had imagined 3-5 at best.  I am very pround to say that I did however manage to complete 16!  16 in 60 seconds!!  I know this isn't much, but for me this is a huge accomplishment.  I am happy with this and will take it for now, and know I will be working to improve upon this number by the end of the month as well as shooting for doing more regular push ups too.


Next, I completed Day 2 off the Blogilates (blogilates.com) Challenge Calendars.  I am currently doing all 3 which are the 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge, the 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge, and the 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge.  I really love these Blogilates Challenge Calendars and I can't wait to see what else Cassey comes up with for them in the future!  Day 2 for the Butt Lift was 6 Squats, 6 Pointed Butt Lifts each side, & 5 Fire Hydrants each side.  Day 2 for the Flat Abs Challenge was 6 Roll Ups, 6 Ankle Reaches, & 6 Double Leg Lifts.  Day 2 for the Thigh Slimming Challenge was 6 Plie Squats, 6 Leg Swings each side, and 6 Side Lunges each side.  I do still have to hold on to something in order to stabilize myself for the Leg Swings, but I am hoping that by the end I will have enough stabilization in my legs and core to do it without holding on or resting my hands on anything.


I also completed Day 5 of my 5th Challenge Calendar this month from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans (shrinkingjeans.net) called Lose the Love Handles.  I modified this to only doing 1 set per day of the exercises listed.  Day 2 was 5 Side Planks (I am doing these on my knees at this time hoping to graduate up to legs extended by the end of this challenge), 5 Russian Twists, and 10 Bicycle Crunches.


I also made sure to finish my 6,5000 step goal and 3 mile goal with my Fitbit today.  I make sure to be intentionally walking in circles around inside my home (too cold outside right now) for the majority of my steps most days.  I actually had 6,610 and 3.08 miles today.


Before I did any of the challenge exercises, I took a break during my walking to do a short 8-9 minute video from the Blogilates App found under the Monthly Exclusive videos section.  It was a Revitalizing Stretch Routine, and it felt amazing for opening up my legs and hips.  


After finishing the walking and my challenge exercises, I also finished the most recent video from the Blogilates Youtube Channel that Cassey Posted for the 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge.  I really enjoyed this video too.  I had already done the 6 reps of 3 of the exercises from the challenge calendar, but this vidoe includes all 5 exercises that the calendar will eventually use.  This video took the Thigh Workout to another level beyond the Challenge calendar.  I love it!!! Blogilates 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge Workout Video


Now that the exericses and my thoughts on them for the day are covered.  I do want to say I have been very frustrated today.  I have a DietBet game that ended March 1st with Weigh-outs March 2nd and 3rd.  On Sunday March 1st, my weight was right around my goal weight for this game.  Monday though my weight was up all day.  I had only slept 4 hours and 13 minutes because noises kept waking me up.  I tried fasting for 6 hours after waking up to try to drop the last little bit I needed to lose to make my goal.  The weight kept fluctuating all day.  It got really close a couple of times and then shot right back up.  I finally gave up knowing I needed to eat, so I could have energy for my exercises.  I ate some fruit, veggies, protein, and some chicken soup.  I have been sipping lemon water all night long too in hopes to flush the toxins out of my body.  I really really hope I make my weight tomorrow.  I haven't lost a Dietbet yet, and would be really disappointed if I did now after I have worked so hard to combat being sick and stuck most of the month.  I wish I could have weighed in Sunday.  I know the important thing is that I am keeping up with my exercises and I have continued to eat well even though I have been sick.  It is just very frustrating when I could have made it Sunday but somehow all of a sudden gained weight again.  


I think more imporant than me tracking my exercises with these blogs is that I am tracking my thoughts and moods and emotions as they pertain to the exercises or other things going on with me from day to day.  These are the things I need to try to keep up with doing for myself so I have a better idea of these things when I am going back through them in the future.


To recap the exercises:  I walked 6,610 steps & 3.08 miles.  I chose knees for my push-ups benchmark test and did 16 in 60 seconds.  I did 6 Squats, 6 Pointed Butt Lifts each side, 6 Fire Hydrants each side, 6 Roll Ups, 6 Ankle Reaches, 6 Double Leg Lifts, 6 Plie Squats, 6 Leg Swings each side, 6 Side Lunges each side, 5 side planks (knees), 5 Russian Twists, 10 Bicycle Crunches, an 8-9 Minute Blogilates Monthly Exclusive App Video - Revitalizing Stretch Routine, and 9-10 minute Blogilates Youtube 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge Video.  


I had intended to do a Yoga video today too, but my time was mostly eaten up today by trying to fast and wait for my weight to drop.  I didn't want to exercise on an empty stomach because I have had so much nausea and dizziness lately, I didn't think that would be smart, and by the time I did the rest, I was ready to wind down in hopes of sleeping longer tonight.  I hope I can sleep longer and be under my goal tomorrow!  I am definitely going to be tackling day 3 of my 5 challenge calendars tomorrow, and I may search out another video or two from Blogilates, Gaiam TV - My Yoga Online, or maybe some of the short exercise apps I have on my phone.  


Best of luck to everyone in whatever you do!