I surpassed my fitbit goal of 6,500 steps and 3 miles today by achieving 8.048 steps and 4.08 miles.  I did most of this walking in place while watching TV tonight.  I usually pace around in the kitchen or the upstairs carpeted bathroom that we use more as a walk in closet and exercise room.  I learned that walking in place tonight versus pacing around in small circles had me walking at a much quicker pace.  This made my distance rack up faster than normal and it also made my calorie burn jump from the usual 8 or 9 calories per minute to 10 or 11 calories per minute.  I like to watch the numbers for the step counter, mileage counter and calories burned for the day increase while I am walking.  


I had big plans for my exercise for tonight.  I was planning to do the Blogilates Revitalizing Stretch Routine from the Monthly Exclusive Videos section of my Blogilates App.  I was planning to then do my challenge exercises, the Day 6 video of the 21 Day Commit to You Yoga Guide from Gaiam TV - My Yoga Online (gaiamtv.com) and then I was even considering doing the 6 minute Arms video from Blogilates (blogilates.com).  However, much to my dismay, I did not accomplish all of this tonight.


What I did accomplish was completing the 8:43 minute Revitalizing Stretch Routine from the Blogilates App.  Then I completed Day 3 from all of the Challenge Calendars I am currently doing this month.  


Day 3 from the Eat Drink & Be Skinny (eatdrinkandbeskinny.com) Planks and Push Ups Challenge was back to Plank.  The goal was to hold plank for equal to or greater than the amount of time I held my plank on Day 1 - the Benchmark day.  My benchmark time was 1 minute at Level 2 (Level 2 according to the challenge diagram is forearms and toes).  Today I held mine for 1 minute and 30 seconds.  


Then, I completed Day 3 from the Blogilates (blogilates.com) 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge which was 7 squats, 7 pointed butt lifts each side, and 7 fire hydrants each side.  


Next was the Blogilates (blogilates.com) 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge.  For Day 3, I completed 7 roll ups, 7 ankle reaches, and 7 double leg lifts.  I started out last month not raising my head when I did the leg lifts, but part way through I realized the challenge sheet shows that we are supposed to put our hands behind our head and raise up during these.  This makes the move feel much more effective for toning the abs.  


After this, I did day 3 of the Blogilates (blogilates.com) 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge.  This consisted of 7 plie squats, 7 leg swings each side, and 7 side lunges each side.   I still need to be touching a chair or something to maintain my balance with the leg swings, but I am hoping that by the end of this I will have enough leg stability and core strenght that I won't have to anymore.


Lastly, I did Day 3 off the 28 Day Lose the Love Handles Challenge from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans (shrinkingjeans.net).  The original challenge had 2 sets of exercises listed, but sicne all my other challenges this month just use 1 set of exercises I modified this one to be the same for me.  I did 7 side planks on my knees each side, 7 russian twists and 10 bicycle crunches.  I count one crunch as when I touch left and right elbows to the opposite knees.

By the time I finished these exercises, I was surprisingly feeling a little dizzy and nauseous and a little shaky and sore.  I have been kind of sick to my stomach for the past two weeks or a little longer.  However, I had thought I felt better today.  I may have over done it a little with the stretching, or with the plank I guess.  However, I am not so sure that's the case.  I opted to skip the Yoga again tonight and any other videos.  I decided to eat another banana and some Greek Yogurt and to get ready for bed and to lie down instead of making myself feel any worse.  


I have another DietBet weigh-out either Wednesday or Thursday.  I still have a pound to go from my weigh-out on Tuesday.  I am hoping that I did not sabatoge my chances by not doing more exercise today.  I hope that some rest will help.  I hope if I am not there Wednesday when I wake up that I can do more exercises and sweat it out by Thursday.