I had gained 10 lbs. for each baby I had---that was 3 boys and 30lbs (my youngest is almost 15 y.o.) Then in the last 5 years, I had gained about 15-17 more lbs.--- All of the sudden, I realized that I was almost 50lbs. overweight, closing in on 200lbs and the BMI apps all were glaring those dreaded words "OBESE".   I had gained and lost 5-10 pounds for years but could never get past that.  

Here are a few things that have pushed me to finally lose this weight.

1. Right after I turned 49 I had a health scare.

For about 10-15 years (are we noticing a pattern here?) I have had a choking problem -- a few times a year I would get food stuck in my esophagus, but usually after 10-20 minutes it would eventually dislodge. A few days after Thanksgiving I had a choking incident that never resolved. Food got stuck in my esophagus and although some dislodged it stayed that way. I could not even swallow saliva. I tried standing on my head and anything else I could think of. 24 hours later I was in the emergency room. Eventually I ended up having a endoscopy.  The doctor told me it was to longest enoscopy he had ever done-- turkey and mashed potatoes-- (they showed me pictures when I woke up from the surgery.) Yuck! It was embarrassing, but it made me face my fat self. Of course, the doctor wanted me to go thru allergy testing, another endoscopy, etc. Now I do have food allergies, so I have had allergy testing before.  My surgery was over $7,000 and our out of pocket was $3,600. I was not willing to incurr more medical bills-- they said that my esophagus had inflammation. He wanted me to pay $1,800 to have another endoscopy to see how it looked when I wasn't choking on Thanksgiving leftovers for 24 hours. Ummm, no thanks. Let me see what I can do about this problem myself. 

2.. I started to eat gluten free about 6 weeks later.

Both my sisters eat gluten free. I had said that I would never read "Wheat Belly" because I didn't want to have to restrict my eating like that.  But I got the book from the Library and read it in mid January. I recognized some of the digestive issues that I was dealing with as my body's response to gluten.  I immediately stoppped eating gluten and lost 10lbs.  I have never choked on anything or even had the sensation in my esophagus since.  My heartburn, constipation/diarrhea are gone as well. I haven't been in the "OBESE" category either. However, even though you go gluten free it doesn't mean everything that you eat is healthy. Ice ream and potato chips are usually gluten free. Although I was feeling better, the scale was still in the "OVERWEIGHT" category.

3. My  50th birthday was approaching(11/2014).

In August I joined my first transformation dietbet. I needed to lose about 18 lbs. Life was busy, my firstborn was going to college and I homeschool my other 2 boys. I didn't make my monthly goals. I was losing, just not fast enough. I defeated myself in my head because my weighins were right after 3 holidays--Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But in December I was looking at the dietbet app- I don't know if they updated it or what, but I started to realize that I was letting all the other participants have my money. How come I couldn't do this? How come others could? I am not an undisciplined person, why can't I do this? I had lost 10-12 lbs. but could I finish this in early February? I told myself that I was-- I wasn't going to be one that lost their money because I was undisciplined. I started to think of everything that went in my mouth as money gained or lost based on if it was healthy or not. I did do it-- I actually lost 20lbs.and won $151.76.

4. My husband asked me recently, what do I think our retirement will look like.

Many retired people we know are quite busy----- with doctor appointments. If we don't take care of ourselves now, we will be in the same boat. I was heading down the road to doctor appointment retirement, but not anymore. 

I am about 15 lbs. from the "normal weight" category. I. AM. GOING. TO. DO. THIS. I am weighing in each Monday with tokens- I didn't buy them last time, but I think that it will keep me accountable. We joined the 'Y' and my 2 favorite exercises are yoga and deep water running. I go at least 4 times a week. I'm commited to getting in my 10,000 steps daily. I drink over 100oz. of water daily. My food choices mostly fall into three main categories, meat, fruits, vegetables.

Everyone has to have their own turning point. What is it that finally pushed you to lose your extra pounds and get healthy?