Wow! It is so hard to consistently get 10,000 steps each day. I am amazed by these participants that are posting their 50 days, 10 days, one week. That resolve is fantastic.

I have a really good pedometer but not a fitness tracker. I have had my Omron for more than 3 years, I have worn it almost daily and I have never lost it. I have only replaced the battery once. Before the Omron I had at least 10 pedometers that either broke, got lost or fell in the toilet. :-)

I've been doing my deep water running exercise class at the 'Y', so those steps are not being calculated each day on my pedometer, since I can't wear it in the pool.  My other exercise is yoga--- yeah it isn't known for steps. So maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. 

Anyway------- Would I be more satisfied with my steps if I had a fitness tracker?

Hmmm.... maybe.

I would need a  fitness tracker with the ability to measure steps in the water and one that reminds me to get up and move. I would also like it to act like a watch, I use my phone and ocassionally my pedometer to tell me the time.  But here is my problem-- as I read reviews, I notice that these things break regularly. I don't want to own 10 trackers that break before I find my Omron equivalent.  I'm frugal and there is always a new gizmo coming out. Some of these trackers are also ugly, my arms are getting smaller, I don't want some monsterous looking thing on my wrist. 

So, does anyone have a recommendation for a fitness tracker that checks all my boxes?