Well folks, I have read a few blogs and they are very inspirational I just hope that I can help motivate others too.

I have always been a "bigger" lass from Lancashire England.  Built for comfort not speed.  Yes that's a quirky tag line when inside I am dying. Quite literally! 
I am 38 years old now and I tried all sorts of diets getting to this age.  The Cambridge, Slimfast, Weight Watchers, Slimming World etc. Some things I am not proud of like diet pills from the doctor etc. Side effects - may cause stroke.  "I don't care I want to be smaller"..........humiliation as I passed wind and pure fat came out and I had to go home "sick"....But still I took them as I wanted to lose weight. So much so I ate chocolate and the same as I ever had whilst taking them!
I don't drink, I don't smoke, I should have some pleasure? Right?? Er no side effects are real. When I was 36 I had a stroke! Yes a full on real stroke.  I am fully okay now, apart from anxiety and change in personality (loss of confidence etc)

A friend of my partner is a Personal Trainer and motivational coach and an all round blooming brilliant guy. With his insite into the patterns I had gotten myself into, he has dragged me out of bad habbits (I admit I slip from time to time) but I had those core things in my head
* cut down on carbs
* eat greens with every meal
* have one day where you eat what you want, and once you have left the table don't eat anything else until the next meal where you eat as normal
* eat full fat not low fat
* exercise (I admit whole heartidly this is something I need to do more of)

I hate to lose or waste money so this is an ideal place for me. But I do need a boost, so send me your motivation and help and we can help each other.  At the end of the day we are all here for the same reason, to be happier and healthier

Good Luck to you all x So far i've lost 16pounds only another 116 to lose


The picture of me is when I was considerably smaller and what I hope to be like in a few months with your help