Exercise: Walked... all over town... totally wasn't planning this, was actually planning to do some yoga but I went down to the coffee shop to get some tea and finish some work (since I have food at work I didn't want to stay by the food) and found out it closed early since this week is spring break. So I tried to go to the bar to sit in the corner to do work but it was grad student night and the place was packed. So instead of doing work downtown and waiting for my ride I walked home. Total distance from work to downtown to home is +3miles and 2 miles of that are up hill. It took me an hour. On my "easy yoga day" I worked up a sweat hiking uphill with my backpack (computer and lab books) so I called it a day. 

Craving: Peppermint tea

Eating:  Chobani key lime flip cup

Song of the day: Actually I was listening to podcasts while I walked all that way. I went through several back episodes of Savage lovecast.

Good thing of the day: Great spring weather. Warm evening, clear sky and nice sunset to walk around town!

Annoying thing of the day: Places closing early for spring break. Just because all the undergrads are gone, at least leave one coffee shop open for us poor PhD.'s.